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All the gossip on your nine favourite felines appears on this page.

Peggy - the ginger streak, sometimes called Pegasus (she flies out of the room when anyone calls) is said to belong to Val - the resident artist at Cats Unlimited, but who belongs to who is anyone's guess. You know how cats are.

Hille - her black sister, prefers a more relaxed approach to life, happy to be manhandled in the most atrocious ways and loving every minute of it.

Snowy - who sits between them, has the same approach to life as Hille, except when it comes to squirrels. She lives near the dreaming spires of Oxford. Appropriate, don't you think.

Ginger - sitting behind Peggy, is our american cousin. Feisty, and with more than a touch of Maine Coon, she has a fondness for other animals - especially snakes - so she brings them home for introductions! Thanks Ginger.

Miss Fit - the persian queen (well, she thinks so) is just in front of Ginger and spends all her time keeping herself in that perfect show condition - hoping one day to actually get to a show!

Ben & Sparky - behind Hille, are happy to hold their own surrounded by the girls, they love the attention.

Chloe - the gossip, on the far left, is so laid back she spends most of her time horizontal! When she's not chatting to anybody and everybody she always has a kind word for Zeus, the mouse

Pasha - behind Chloe, the original Cream of Manchester, keeps us all posted on life lived perpetually in the rain

...and last, but by no means least, Zeus the mouse, who has no fear... although that's probably because he is a little dim, but he was brought up with the cats and whenever things get a bit hectic he's protected by Ben and Sparky, all boys together!


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