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You would not believe what happened this morning.
I was fast asleep in my basket and Ian appeared. . .
"Wake up Snows, the squirrel is on the nuts".
"Oh please," I said "I've got much more interesting things happening here in my dream, get a life!"
Little hope of that. Next minute, Ian has dragged me out of my nice, warm, comfortable bed and carried me halfway down the path towards the birdtable.
I spy the squirrel and off I go!
The squirrel spies me and off he goes.
Next thing you know... a huge splosh. The squirrel forgets that the pond is right in the path of his escape route.
The last we saw of him was a very miffed and bedraggled creature climbing up into the big tree.
Now I would never forget about our pond, would I? (not).

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